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    INSTOKK.COM and INSTOKK LTD are not a broker. We do not provide any type of finance or credit to the consumer. We specialse in putting you in touch with car lease brokers and dealers.

    At we specialise in promoting in stock new car lease deals, only cars that are available for the consumer from the forecourt. We work with dealers and brokers throughout the country to enable the consumer to search through the best deals for in stock cars only.

    The site is perfect for consumers who don’t want to have a large wait time on a new car. It is perfect for the advertiser who wants to move their in stock cars.

    We promote that all prices are up to date and correct and the consumer knows more about the deal and the car before they call or contact the advertiser.

    Within the business we have worked within the industry for 5 years to understand how a consumer can gain the most user friendly experience and how our advertisers can gain future business from having their deals with us.

    Happy searching to get into your next INSTOKK lease car deal.